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The youngest member of the family, aged 6 months. At just five weeks old she replaced Deenie on the day he was buried. Princess thinks she is a dog, so she bonded well with Chloe and played rough with Heidi from the beginning. Always comes when called and has many comical traits - including enjoying water games in the sink. Loves to tease the other cats.

She came to us from the SPCA about three and a half years ago aged 1 year. She had been abandoned and had spent about 3 months in the SPCA. Due to her lovely nature, every attempt was made to find a home for her.

Chloe is a
Corgi-cross; although not the 'small dog' we originally sought, her lovely temperament with humans and other animals has more than justified our decision to give her a home.

image of our pet Chloe

No longer the baby of the family now Princess has arrived. Heidi is almost three years old and has been a part of the household since 9 weeks of age and somewhat rules the roost. She has Chloe and the cats wrapped around her "little finger".

A Shihtzu-Yorkie cross, Heidi provides the most laughs but can also be the most frustrating little thing on four legs!

The feistiest of the felines. She is just over 5 years old. Came in as a wild six week old kitten and sometimes shows her wild streak by grabbing the male of the house's wrist with paws, claws and teeth - always with affection of course!

She used to prefer the outdoors but since moving to a new home with a window view, she spends the majority of her time inside in luxury. She shows some oriental lineage especially the head and tail.

image of our pet cat Ebony

Deenie - Now deceased
Alias "Fat Cat". He started life as a tiny, skinny stray who disappeared after a feed, thereby being given the name Houdini (Deenie for short).

Once he moved in, the tiny skinny stray disappeared and transformed into a larger very laid back individual. Nothing fazed him. He was about 13 years old when he passed on.

He adopted us about 9 years ago. Another very laid back cat who was once called a ballerina, but in latter years has filled out considerably (and doesn't look as good in a tutu).

Everyone's friend! Will make you welcome even if you don't like cats!

image of our pet cat Shadow

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